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Also, I'd like to add: I'm not trying to be rude, but this community's layout is a bit... hard to read. If the moderator would let me, I'd like to redo the layout. All I'd need are pictures to use.

Examples of my work can be found: here, here, and here.

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Name: Brytne
Nickname: kimi_catdemon
Age: 16
Gender: female (at least I hope so..O_o; )
Sign: leo


Likes: anime, manga...anything to do with anime really. I like to do alot of other thing like draw, write,dance, (well, if you call it sister laughs at me) act, and play music.
Dislikes: Annoying people (although I'll put up with them.) and scary things.
Strong points: I always look to a brighter side.
Weak points: I'm annoying myself...>D
Hobbies: I just listed them all above in what I like to do.
Talents:drawing, and helping people feel better.


Who is your favorite Princess Tutu character, and explain.
FAKIR!! He's my lovable bishie!! (I'm even going to try to make a little plush toy of him!! >D)

Who is your least favorite Princess Tutu character and explain
Hmm...I guess it would be the raven..he's just so mean!! *swats raven with a stick*

Have you ever taken ballet before? If so, for how long?
NOPE!! ;O;
What is your favorite ballet to watch, and why?
I've watched cinderella and the nutcracker. The nutcracker was good, even though I had bad seats.
Would you choose love or friends?
friends..I have yet actully be in love with a real guy...*stares at Fakir*
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